The origins of the company

The origins of the company "CONSTRACT" Export-Import Sp. z o. o. dates back to April 1998. Since its inception, it has been a family business and as such has remained until today. The intention of its founders was the production in wood. Taking small steps, starting from one small production hall with several people, they began the production of stairs and furniture.

Human potential

The owners' ideas achieved the set goals, so the company grew rapidly. They invested in production machines, good, reliable brands, and in the expansion of the company. However, it was not only the goal in itself, human potential was and still is important. The company has become "truly family-friendly" because whole families work here. As the development progressed, the range of products was also expanded.

Cooperation with the best

Currently, the company has got an excellent machinery park, modern production halls in Grabowo and Wałdyki and employs over 800 well-prepared people. The original assumptions to invest in machinery, expansion and people have brought the expected results. Decisions are always wisely taken - now they pay off. The company has a trusted and stable position on the market and its value is "solidity", its products prove it as well as the cooperation with one of the world's leading companies.